How To Make A Resume

Trying to get a job looks so easy when you watch the movies or see a friend going through the process. The moment your turn comes around though you are faced with all of the responsibilities and obstacles that everyone has to face. The process can be long and arduous. To make it easier and to show that you are the right one for the job you have to put together a resume.

  • Start off by choosing a font that looks professional. Most people prefer to use either Arial or Times New Roman. Do not underline, bold, or italicize anything. Most companies will use an automated form of hiring people and their systems might not be able to process any of this formatting. Keep it simple and easy to read.
  • When you fill out an application and go for any job you could be competing with several people. It is up to you to stand out in the crowd so that it is your face and voice that the business remembers. You want to write with an active voice that shows you are confident and the best one for the job.
  • In the resume you need to give them your home address, e-mail address, and phone number. All of this should be blocked together at the very top of the page.
  • Use clear, concise writing to give them an objective statement that will be placed underneath the personal information. If they are hiring for a specific role in the job than state that is what you wish to be hired for. Otherwise it would be best to show them all of the skills that you have – but not tell them specifically what role in the company you would like to have. If you do this you might get hired beneath what you can do.
  • Next you will list the most recent experience that pertains to the position you are applying for. You must tell them the time frame you worked there, the name of the company, your title, and what responsibilities you had.
  • You will also need to make a simple outline of what level of education you have, any awards you have been given, and other talents that they should know about.
  • Try to keep the resume easy to read and short. No employer wants to spend forever reading it. Also make sure you provide a cover letter with it.